Terms and Conditions

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OUR CANCELLATION POLICY     Please note that by booking with us, you have agreed to enter a contract, so please read very carefully before you book.      

WE OPERATE A 48 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY.     You will be liable to pay a cancellation fee of the full charge of the session if you cancel within 48 hours.   If you miss a session altogether, without any prior notice, you will be liable to pay a cancellation fee of the full charge of the session.   If within 48 hours, you need to reschedule your given time to another slot on the same day, then, we will be very happy to do so, at no charge to you. However, this is subject to the availability of another suitable slot, in the absence of which you will have to pay the full fee. Please also note that for all refunds, there is usually an admin fee of £35 + 5% which will be subtracted when refunding you any monies due.  

If due to unforeseen circumstances on our end, we need to cancel your sessions within 48 hours, we promise there will be no monies charged to you or your insurance for the canceled sessions. If you have already paid, we will offer you a change of time slot either on the same day or a different day. In some circumstances, we may also reimburse you.

LATE APPOINTMENTS   We may be unable to treat you if you’re over half the scheduled time late to an appointment. If you are running very late, please contact us as soon as you know and we’ll do our best to fit you into the next available slot on the same day.   Unfortunately, you will still be charged the full cancellation fees as above, should we be unable to complete your session due to lateness.      

INSURANCE   PLEASE READ our INSURANCE PAGE IN FULL. Also, note that discount codes do not apply to insurance companies as they usually have set prices, and should the cancellation policy apply to you, you will be liable for the same cancellation fee as a self-paying client, rather than any discounted rate your insurance pays.   Please also note that if your insurance refuses to cover a session that has already taken place, you will be liable for the full price of that session (equal to a self-paying client).   For example, should you have more sessions with us than you are entitled to, and your insurance denies liability, the full liability falls to you – at the same fee rate as a self-paying client.   The only time when the above may not apply is if your insurance has not covered your session due to an excess you owe. In this case, you are only liable to pay the exact amount of the excess shortfall – directly to us.   It is, therefore, your responsibility (not ours) to keep track of the number of sessions you have left within your insurance policy.      

COPYRIGHT   The designs, code, and content of this website remain the property of The London Physio Ltd. If you would like to feature us or “borrow” some of any of the above, you would require our written permission. Simply contact us with as much detail as possible.      

DISCLAIMER   We do not take responsibility for any failures, malfunctions, delays, damages, etc of products bought on third-party websites via links from this site. You do so at your own risk. Please read all reviews in detail and liaise directly with the manufacturers, distributors, or sellers.    

REFUNDS   Please note that we DO NOT operate a refund service, especially after the session has taken place.   This means that if you have attended a physiotherapy session with us via any of our video services (Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, Write Upp, Facetime, and otherwise), you have automatically agreed to cover the full cost of the session attended. Therefore, under no circumstance will this fee be refunded back to you.   Here are a few exceptions:   1. If an online payment has been made in advance by you for an upcoming session that you can no longer attend and you have requested a refund for that session over 48 hours in advance, then we will refund the full amount minus the admin fee (£35+5% of the transaction).   To avoid you losing any monies, we will always offer to move your session to a different, more convenient day.   2. If an online payment has been made in advance by you for an upcoming session that you can no longer attend but you have requested a refund for that session within 48 hours of that session date, then there will be no monies to refund and we will only be able to offer a change of time on the same day as the booked appointment – if one is available, so as to avoid you losing monies or your session altogether.      

GOVERNING BODIES   All physios within The London Physio are fully registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP) and Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC).

More information can be found on our FAQ and insurance pages.