Traditionally, Physiotherapy has been described as a bespoke treatment that uses physical techniques to help restore movement and function after someone has been affected by an injury, illness or disability. Now, however, we know better! We fully understand that Physiotherapy is all of the above and more! It plays a vital role in injury prevention too. We strongly believe prevention is better than cure! 


Our experienced Physiotherapists begin by taking a comprehensive history (15-20 mins) and then there is a detailed assessment where you would be asked to move in different directions (around 30 mins). Following this, you will be given a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan, which will include exercises, complete with videos sent to your phone/email.

Whether your goals are recovery or movement improvement, we are available for both online/ virtual consultations as well as home visits throughout the UK.


Admittedly, it takes a lot to be a good physiotherapist. Take our university process for example.

First, you need exceptional grades in A-level sciences, then you apply to university for an already competitive course (10+ students to a place). You just about get admitted, by the skin of your teeth, and immediately, you’re thrown right into the most intensive three, sometimes four years of your life yet. You have endless months of clinical training with real patients, in various medical settings & specialities, a thousand difficult written and oral exams, dissecting real cadavers and getting an in-depth knowledge of the human anatomy – every muscle, bone, joint structure, bony landmark, nerve, ligament, tendon and so on and so forth.

No doubt, after all of the above, combined with post-university rotations and a few years of clinical experience, you come out a good physiotherapist. But what separates a good physiotherapist from an elite one? It’s a combination of things we are super confident we have definitely nailed at TLP.

  1. We listen very carefully 

Whether we are seeing you online or in person, we listen a lot to what you say. Our subjective assessments (where we ask you a whole lot of questions about where the pain is, how long it’s been there, what kind of pain it is, what makes it worse and better etc) are extremely detailed. 

We don’t rush you, we give you time to speak and we listen because we know that nobody knows your pain or body better than you do. You have all the answers, you simply don’t know how to piece it together and that’s where we come in.

2. Our physical assessments are very detailed

Unlike most physio services, we offer 90 minute assessments for our initial appointments. Nobody can understand your body in 30 minutes, even geniuses. A thorough subjective assessment should really take 15-20 minutes. Our physical assessments involve assessing the areas above and below, in addition to the area you have come to see us for.

For example, if you’ve come to see us for inner elbow pain, we will not only assess the elbow but also your neck, shoulder, thoracic spine, and wrist. This is to establish if your pain is being referred from any of these areas or if it’s local to your elbow.

A good physio might diagnose golfer’s elbow but an elite physio will know to ensure it’s not an ulnar nerve issue originating from the cervical spine. This needs at least 90 minutes to piece together, as well as build your custom exercises, with videos.

However, should you book in a 60 minute initial assessment perhaps due to time commitments, don’t worry, we’ll still do our very best within the time frame you’ve given us. We can certainly diagnose you in that time and give you a clear treatment plan. We would be able to tell you which exercises to do but may not have the time to build your custom exercise program with the videos as well as practise the correct techniques with you, so we would simply need to book you in for a follow up to do these with you.

3. We give you a definite diagnosis at the end of each session 

It’s the “…but why is that an issue” for us! No street cred? Don’t worry, we will explain! Essentially, a good physio can easily diagnose an issue. In the category of genius physios, everyone can diagnose a subacromial shoulder impingement or a hamstring strain BUT only elite physios would ask “why”. Most diagnoses tend to be as a secondary result of something. For example a subacromial impingement could be as a result of inflammation of your supraspinatus tendon, which could also be as a result of rotator cuff weakness or poor sitting posture. On a completely different note, a subacromial impingement could be because of bony growth spurs. The first, a physio can reverse entirely, the latter, we can only manage! So hopefully, now you understand that just throwing fancy diagnoses around isn’t enough. Elite physios will always go one step further to avoid the issue returning altogether, rather than give you a band-aid solution! 

4. We give you a very clear treatment plan 

By the end of each session, not only do you have the exact exercises we have prescribed and practised with you sent directly to your phone or email, with videos, you will also have a list of other things you must now either do or avoid completely.

For example, if you came to us with back pain and we have diagnosed a facet joint issue in your spine, in addition to your exercises, we will most likely give you a list for inflammation management, advice for dealing with pain as well as activities of daily living to avoid.

5. We ensure you’ve understood the outcome of your session

In everyday life, what we hear can sometimes be different to what was said. When you’re in pain, the translation can be three times worse. So we carefully choose our words and at the end of each session, we get you to tell us what you’ve understood. We know that google can sometimes be the devil but should we need to give you specific things to look up, we will – so that at least you’re looking up the right things.

6. We track your progress in between sessions

We pride ourselves in making sure you make progress in between sessions, We use our exercise app which you have full access to, in order to track your progress. As you do your exercises, the app allows you to make notes and let us know which ones are going well or not, and we can easily change these if needed.

Should you have more specific questions, you could drop us an email or simply book a 15-minute consultation with your therapist, rather than waiting until your next session. What’s that we hear? Progress, progress, progress!

7. We are flexible with time

Not only are we flexible with time duration to suit your needs, but there is also no actual limit to how many sessions you wish to book with us. We have never agreed with the idea that one size fits all. Some people take information in bite sizes, some like it intense and some need a lot of space in between sessions. Once we have diagnosed you, we will, of course, let you know how many sessions we think you need and how often but we will definitely take into account what you prefer. We advise but you get to decide.

8. We fit your rehab around you

Whether you are busy at work or are currently furloughed, we take into account your time availability and help you manage your exercises around that. We truly believe your rehab should not feel like a chore and add to your ling list of things to do. Instead, we actively help you find realistic ways to fit them in,

9. We finish your rehab journey with a custom strength program

In order to stop an injury from returning, there is so much else that happens beyond “typical physiotherapy” such as strength and conditioning. We therefore finishing every rehab journey strong. Literally. We design your very own strength and conditioning program and practise these with you.

If you didn’t know, physiotherapists are advanced personal trainers – and yes, here at TLP, we ensure you’re getting the best of both worlds.

If you already have a personal trainer, we can communicate with them during and after rehab, at no extra cost to you, guiding them on which exercises are best to avoid/focus on or which muscles to strengthen.

10. We encourage a multi-disciplinary, MDT approach.

We work with the best of the best in the medical world. Surgeons, sports doctors and consultants from prestigious clinics in London and around the country. It means we can fast-track you for an MRI scan or x-ray when needed.