Personal Training

We think Kanye said it best, “Work it, make it, do it / Makes us harder, better, faster, stronger”

Having the support to reach your goals makes the reward that much sweeter. Our ethos at The London Physio is centered on a holistic approach to fitness and physiotherapy, always delivered with Joy. We have in house personal trainers and exercise specialists that are available to help you hit your fitness goals. Whether it’s lifting heavier or ensuring a smooth transition from your injury rehab, we’ve got something for everyone.

Yes it takes some hardwork and dedication, but we believe in having fun with fitness! Our trainers are equipped with such diverse backgrounds that you’re guaranteed to have a far from conventional experience. We truly believe in encouraging exercise as a way of life and we want you to feel just like you do after your sunday self care routine, euphoria. 

During the initial apt. Your personal trainer will discuss your previous experiences with training, perform a simple assessment in order to determine your current level of fitness, and discuss what you hope to achieve through your one on one sessions. This is to gage where you’re currently at, what you’d like to achieve over the course of your program and ultimately ensure that the trainer is a great fit for you. Our approach to personal training is much like a buddy system, we want you to feel as though your trainer is your bestie that boosts your workout!

If you are completing your rehab program after sustaining an injury, our exercise specialists are equipped to help you transition to a strength program. This will allow you to regulate imbalances that may be present, as well prevent the recurrence of injury. We all work together as a family. If you request a trainer and you’re already with us we always communicate with our Physios and other specialists so that you feel taken care of. It’s a common misconception that once injured, you’ll have to spend your entire life ‘dealing with it’, here at TLP we say oh heck no! Implementing a strength training program after having done rehab will prevent your previous injuries from feeling like a ‘crutch’. Good as new you’ll be, just train with us you’ll see.

Let’s keep you accountable; choose your package below and contact us.

  • 6 week program
  • 12 week program
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