Massage Therapy

“Please grant me coffee to change the things I can, and massage to accept the things I can’t”

Long stressful day? Massage

Scar tissue from injury? Massage

Recovery from training? Massage

More often than not, Massage therapy is one of the most effective modalities for pain and overall stress. Here at The London Physio, we create the ideal setting to promote your wellbeing. After a session with one of our qualified therapists, you’ll be floating off the treatment table. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, trained too hard, or just much needed TLC, we offer different all kinds of massage treatments that cater to your circumstances. 

We know what you’re thinking, how can Massage do all of that?

 Here’s how: 


Every Massage treatment begins with this technique. These light, controlled stroking motions allow for warming up the muscles and promoting circulation. It introduces the client to the therapist’s touch, and is never applied with a lot of pressure. These motions increase blood and lymph flow, helping to flush out toxins within the body and through manually stretching the muscle tissue, and is rather relaxing. 


This technique is considered  the ‘kneading the dough’. Your therapist will alternate between picking up and releasing the muscles in order to encourage stimulation of nerve endings, signalling to the brain to recruit some fresh nutrients and blood to the area.


This is the exciting one, and quite literally is meant to excite the muscles a bit and wake them up. This is done through hacking, cupping or percussive motions of the therapists hands in order to vibrate the body of the muscle. This style is typically great prior to exercises or in preparation for  a sporting event such as a triathlon or marathon.

These are just three of many other techniques used in massage to reconstruct and repair muscle tissue in order to encourage the body’s natural healing process therefore promoting overall relief. Our therapists are all qualified and experienced to treat clients of all backgrounds. Whether you’re an avid runner or go for long daily walks, book in and come take a load off on our table. 

Ahhh relief,  now you’re getting it.