Group Classes

That feeling after you’ve had a sweet and spicy sweat! 

The playlist, a banger.

Heart rate, Hottttt 

But you’re on that last set and you’re pushing through it with your housemate, bestie, and the trainer has done the entire workout with you.

Here at TLP we say “We don’t sweat, we glow!”

Strength, Cardio, Mobility and Flexibility. These are the four pillars of fitness. There are a plethora of resources for working out these days, possibly even more now that COVID has encouraged a new era of Instagram workouts and lives. How are we different? Well, our team members are essentially overqualified PTs. Not only do they have experience training individuals through group exercise and one to one, but their combined knowledge of injury prevention, corrective exercise and clinical therapy is something we’re all too proud about. Modest, of course, but super proud! Knowing that our clients are getting the highest quality of service is certainly what we strive for.

The London Physio is truly your ‘one stop shop’. We’re always looking for unique ways to fuel the fire within our clients and instead of worrying about planning your workouts, we’ve done it for you. Our timetable of weekly workouts will expand as we do, but we’re still bringing the heat.

Created with you in mind, we feature virtual workouts that target a good bit of everything. 




Move with Joy: A low impact interval, strength training class. Optional Equipment: dumbbells, resistance bands, and kettlebells.

Every Wednesday at 18:00hrs GMT on our Founder @physiojoy’s Instagram

Every Saturday at 09:00hrs GMT on The London Physio Facebook Page 


Stretch with Joy: A slower-paced, but feel-good, relaxing class to increase flexibility. Optional equipment: Mat & foam roller.

Every Saturday at 10:00hrs GMT on our founder @physiojoy’s Instagram

All classes above are FREE! Simply follow us in social media, with the links above. That way, you can see & join us when we are live!

Disclaimer: Online classes are for the general masses and therefore, not specific to any individual. You must follow your own doctor or physiotherapist’s advice regarding your health, fitness, and wellbeing. You, therefore, do these exercises at your own risk. We, therefore, cannot take responsibility for any injuries or you incur as a result of doing these.

If you’re not sure if you should be exercising or what exercises are best for you, please book in a consultation with us and we will be very happy to give you specific advice.