Business Coaching

Dissatisfied with your current level of achievement? Need more control, flexibility or financial freedom? Looking for some guidance to help build your physiotherapy business? Whether you already have the ideas or you’re completely starting from scratch, This is definitely for you!


That overwhelming feeling is when you finally make the commitment to start your own private practice, after so many years of dipping your toes in and out, working for other people whilst trying to learn the ropes and making your endless spreadsheet of Pros & Cons. Oh that feeling is familiar, alright.

“How will I pay my rent?” “What if it fails?” “What if I don’t get patient referrals?” “Could I wait a little longer?” “Maybe I should play it safe and save some more money first” etc. 

Where you are right now, I have been there. I asked myself these very same questions and more. These questions are valid and uncomfortable but certainly not as uncomfortable as the regret you will experience if you didn’t follow your heart and explore your potential as a Physiotherapy business owner! 

Having been a Chartered Physiotherapist for 12 years, I have learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to growing my practice, including things that most physios may not consider such as public social media profiles and being able to create content. Yes – content (both in front of the camera and behind it).

Enter the concept of time. In reality, it is man-made and doesn’t quite exist but in business, time is a real asset. Your time, to be precise. A while ago, I stopped trading my time for money. If you’re growing a business, you need an in-depth understanding of how to value and manage your time! Afterall, there are only 24 hours in a day and whilst some successful business owners make money in their sleep, some are still trading their time for money.

Our coaching consist of 3 x 1:1 sessions, spread over a maximum of 3 months: 

  1. Session 1 (120 minutes) 
  2. Session 2 (90 minutes) 
  3. Session 3 (60 minutes ) 

Our coaching sessions are a good mixture of challenging, practical and supportive. Over the course of these sessions, we break down your business (even if it’s still an idea). We get to truly understand what you want and more importantly why. A lot of business owners still don’t have a real understanding of what they want. Worse still, they don’t know why.


  1. 24 hour access to Joy Ogude (TLP founder)
  2. Building confidence as a clinician & business owner
  3. Understanding clinic systems (Appointments & diary management)
  4. Understanding business accounts, costs of accountants & links to reputable accountants
  5. Identifying your business needs & goals & clearly outlining the steps you need to achieve them
  6. Your clinic/company language & culture
  7. Understanding your target patients
  8. Creating a network of medical professionals
  9. Platforms for exercises and how to track progress
  10. Conflict resolution with clients including financially
  11. How and what to outsource 

…. And so much more

We understand that not one size fits all and therefore offer flexibility in your sessions. For example, should we establish in your first session that you need weekly sessions, we can make that happen. Also, should we establish that you need shorter check in sessions, in between the sessions above, we will also discuss this in detail. We can also offer practical sessions below.


Please ask us should these apply to you. We will not only talk you through the process of all of this below, but we will organise practical sessions to show you exactly what you need to do.  

  1. Building a successful social media profile
  2. Content creation – understanding filming – cameras/lighting/editing
  3. Remote sessions practise assessments and how to diagnose, 

…. And so much more

Whilst you are still trying to find your feet, physiotherapists who have tapped into our coaching service now have a further option to join us (for however long you need) as a TLP physio, building your own business within ours and learning first hand how a real private physiotherapy business is run. More details on how to join us.