Back in 1240 A.D. pharmacy was not a part of medicine at all. 

Imagine how mind blowing that would be if that was still the case? We are super lucky to now be able to access pharmaceutical care as part of a modern medicine and here at TLP, we wanted to give you yet another reason to live pain-free by having our very own in-house Pharamacist. I know, right, we’re so twenty twenty one! 

It takes a lot of knowledge to take care of one’s health. We tend to believe  we can get all the answers from one specialist, one doctor, one surgeon. But no single person can claim they have all the answers. So when it comes to taking care of one’s health, we know that by working alongside trusted experts of different fields is the ultimate way to go in order to achieve the best outcomes. 

Our pharmacist will be able to advise on all things pharmaceuticals from pain management to medication reviews.