Please note that by booking an appointment with us that involves costs being covered by your insurance means that you have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions below. You are thereby entering into a contract/agreement with us. Should you have any queries or concerns, kindly contact us to clarify before you book your appointment.    

We welcome insurance patients with open arms and are currently registered with the major insurance companies including:    


Some insurance companies, like those listed above, we can charge directly, whilst others might require you to pay for the sessions and will reimburse you.  When booking your first session with us, please be sure to mention which insurance company you’re with and what your agreement is with them.  

Some insurance companies may only cover you for the first six sessions of physiotherapy whilst others might require you to pay an excess etc. Some insurance companies may also require a doctor’s referral.  

***Please note that it is your responsibility to clarify any existing agreement with your insurance company before attending a session as well as during your sessions with us*** Failure to do so might result in you having to cover your clinic fees directly – at the full self-paying price – NOT the insurance amount.  

On the day of your appointment, we will require you to bring your up-to-date agreement in hard copy or you can email us ahead. We require vital details such as:  

  1. Your authorisation number
  2. Your membership number or code.
  3. Any limitations set by the insurance
  4. Any other relevant documents if available – scans, referrals etc.

Without the above 1-3, we will not be able to see you. Unfortunately, we are unable to speak to your insurance on your behalf and if for any reason your insurance is unable to pay for your sessions, the full charges (at self-paying amount, which may be more than your insurance pays) will be invoiced to you.    

In summary, please check all details thoroughly with your insurance company as any unforeseeable extra costs/charges that the insurance does not cover will be covered by you, including if your insurance policy allowance has been exhausted or our claim has been rejected for whatever reason, you will be liable for any balance in payment, which will be invoiced directly to you at the full rate of the sessions (not the insurance rate).

Please note that insurance only covers attended Physiotherapy treatments and not:  

  1. Sessions that you did not attend or cancelled within 24-48hrs will incur a late payment charge.  These charges will be equal to the full rate of the session (if within 24 hours) or half the rate of the session (if within 48 hours). Please also bear in mind that these rates are our full self-funding rates, not what the insurance pays.
  2. The use of tapes or any other third party equipment that is billed differently.
  3. Other services we provide.

 Please also note that discount codes do not apply to insurance companies as they usually have set prices.