Fix shoulder blade (scapula) pain with five easy exercises, sitting at your desk.

In case you missed this, last week, we released a Youtube video discussing some important things you need to know about shoulder blade (scapula) pain, such as what the scapula/shoulder blade is, where to expect the pain, some causes to look out for and Joy Ogude, Founder of The London Physio, went on to share five of her favourite, easy exercises you could do at your desk to help relieve shoulder blade pain. See the full video below.

On this post, we have collaborated with one of our favourite surgeons – Mr Nick Ferran – a Trauma and Orthopaedic Consultant, specialising in shoulder and elbow surgery. Over on Mr. Nick Ferran’s website, he has written a blog post on some more causes of shoulder blade pain and how to help further. Please check out his blog here.

As shared in the video, shoulder blade pain can be serious and persist for more than a few days, in which case, it’s better to get a diagnosis and clear treatment plan. Please do not do these exercises if some of your symptoms include pins and needles or numbness in your scapula, shoulder, or hand. See a physiotherapist immediately.

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