About Us

Our Story

The London Physio was birthed in 2017, in the heart of London. At this point, Joy Ogude (@physiojoy) our founder was had been a Chartered physiotherapist for 8 years and was increasingly frustrated with how difficult it was to see a physiotherapist, despite being very much available.

Up until this point, Joy had worked as a locum in several services such as social services, private practices as well as the NHS in various settings – homes, hospitals, half-way units, independent services and so on.

Despite working in various boroughs across the country, Joy realised that the one thing they all had in common was that physiotherapists always had the longest waiting lists and when they would eventually get to you, due to the increased pressure of having a back log, patients would only get a maximum of 4-6 sessions and if they missed their second session, they were out – essentially back to the bottom of a 6 month long waiting list.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out that this was creating a cycle of patients who were not getting what physiotherapy when they needed it and for how long they needed it. It meant more patients were sent back to the bottom of the waiting list – creating an endless waiting list. On the back of this, you also had dedicated physiotherapists who would start off enthusiastic but end up having to work with their hands tied. They were always overworked, fatigued and had no job satisfaction because their patients never got better.

Our Mission

In light of the above, Joy felt a strong need to break the cycle and TLP was born, specifically to create a service where people had full access to physiotherapists:

  1. Whenever they wanted (with the same day, 24-hour bookings made easy),
  2. Wherever they wanted (home, clinic, at work, and now post-Covid, virtually too) and
  3. However long they need it for.

With this magical combination above, we pride ourselves on being the most accessible therapy service. It is no surprise that our patients get better a lot quicker and most importantly for good! We never want to see them back with the same issue, hence we try our best to solve it once and for all! `

Since Covid, TLP has become a predominantly virtual service, now reaching people beyond London and the UK. We are so proud to be a worldwide service. Within the UK, we will still continue our home visit service.

Our little company is expanding beyond physiotherapy and slowly welcoming professionals from the wider medical and wellbeing world. We are very excited about this and very much driven by the needs of our clients.